Pawn and Pixel – Top 10 – Video Game Consoles

Join the Pawn and Pixel as we countdown out picks for the Top 10 Video Game Consoles!

10. Playstation 2

This console was when gaming really started to pick up in a major way! While not the first console to have online access, it was the first in the Playstation family and with the only downside to local multiplayer was only having 2 controller ports

9. Gamboy

Better love Yellow and Green. Limitation breeds creativity and this console had some of the most effective uses of limited graphics and sound. The Gameboy established control of the handheld market and Nintendo has never came close to relinquishing it.

8. Nintendo 64

This console has many great games that were the start of beloved franchises including Super Smash Bros and Mario Party as well as the real start to the multiplayer console shooter with Goldeneye (even though Perfect Dark was better)

7. Nintendo Entertainment System

Seen to many as the survivor of the home console market, and maybe the game industry as a whole, the Nintendo Entertainment System is a wonder of a console. Full of classic games and franchise starters that we are still enjoying to this day including Mario, Maga Man, Zelda, and more!

6. Xbox

This console evolved greatly over its lifespan, it started out as a great home multiplayer console with plenty of great local multiplayer titles like Halo, eventually once Xbox Live came out it became the system of choice for online console gamers.

5. Nintendo Switch

The newest console on this list is a fantastic display of what happens when Nintendo doesn’t take a console gimmick too far, the ability to use the system as both a home and portable system is really convenient when you don’t want to have to leave a game when you leave the house. Nintendo hit a home run with this one.

4. Playstation 4

The last stand against the forced control of art. The gamers were given what they wanted instead of trying to force control; developers were given time and artistic freedom to create what they want. Effectively erased the mistakes of the previous generation and brought forward all of the PS3’s strengths.

3. Nintendo 3DS

This system is the best handheld system of all time, creative concept that worked well, wireless connectivity for multiplayer, online features, backward compatibility for previous Gameboy/Gameboy Advance games. The secondary touch screen gave us game concepts that were innovative and interesting allowing for the first time the ability to manipulate the game with touch rather than just buttons.

2. Xbox 360

The last great leap in gaming. Online functionality that surprisingly “Just Worked”, the Xbox 360 began the era of console connectivity for the masses. This combined with amazing game support overcame the otherwise catastrophic failure rate.

1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country all on one console makes the Super Nintendo a clear winner…. Also it has Chrono Trigger

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