Magical Christmas Land

Many folks refer to Magical Christmas Land as that place where your turn seven, five card combo always works without disruption. Where your control deck can play sixteen lands and never mana screw. Where your limited deck of one mana creatures and goblin pikers always beats theirs. But I want to talk about hope. Things we want Wizards to print or do for our beloved game. This is just my list. Hopefully it matches some of yours. But have no fear. None of this will ever happen. Unless it does. 


I would love to live in a world where mtgo gets restructured such that I can run free phantom drafts of old magic sets. Some of the most fun I’ve had playing Magic were 3x Return to Ravnica and Khans of Tarkir drafts. Or Modern Masters 1, or Ultimate Masters for that matter. I wouldn’t even mind paying a few bucks for the privilege. I just want these events to be available for player creation and invite. To draft with your friends and relive great limited environments past. 


For some reason, Wizards is incredibly cautious about reprints. Despite not making money off the sale of singles. I want to buy packs or pre-constructed products that give reasonable access to fetch lands. Modern staples. Wrenn and Six, Lillianna of the Veil. But it’s a bridge too far that the enemy coloured fetch lands are pushing $100 a card. Again! 

Or some darn thing. The reserved list is a huge barrier to the bonkers fun that is playing paper legacy and vintage, to a lesser extent. Were Wizards to abolish the reserved list, or ban the original dual lands from legacy, it’s a format I’d love to sink my teeth into. But not at the cost of a few grand worth of muddy looking white border lands. (shush, it doesn’t matter that I play 7th edition basics) 

That’s my list. Wizards! Are you listening? Take my freaking money. But please just let me play your game without selling my soul to the devil. Please? But as always, good luck and good skill. May your next Modern Horizons pack have a regular and a foil Wrenn and Six. 

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