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For me Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t have come at a better time. In much need of an escape, with everything that’s going on in the world, it has been a breath of fresh air. Delivering familiar nostalgia, unique custom features, and new challenges Animal Crossing is an engaging game to immerse oneself in.

Personally I have enjoyed the series since the game cube edition. For me Animal crossing has always been about community and bringing people together. Playing animal crossing was a daily family activity for me. We worked together to build our little community. Some would donate fossils bugs and fish while others were the bell ringers running errands and collecting fruit and other sell able goods.

Since then Animal Crossing has come a long way, each version of the game giving a new way to come together as a community. New Horizons is no exception and delivers many ways to connect. Whether you are visiting a friends Island, sending letters, sharing custom designs or enjoying the work of complete strangers, Animal Crossing really lets you make connections. All this from a tiny little Island cut off from the world that will let you leave your mark and inspire/be inspired by others.

The game offers so many ways to express yourself. Before even getting to play the game you have to create your “look” aka your in-game character. My first remark was “ Where is my pink hair…” Unlike its predecessors the starting hair colors are much more modest. Fret not, more color choices are available later and with the amount of options for hair, eyes, nose and even skin color there is more than enough options to make your own unique image.

Dressed to impress you are now ready to start your Island adventure but the customization doesn’t stop there! The game tasks you to select your Island layout, where you want your home to be as well as the homes of your first two residents which is pretty cool. Not to mention the canvas you get to work with.

Animal crossing New horizons is absolutely stunning. It has a familiar look with many of the same elements of the prior games but has been enhanced and refined in remarkable ways. With more realistic light, water and natural notes of nature like wind and waves it really gives the feeling of being a part of the Animal crossing world. Well done Nintendo

After taking in the lay of the land you’ll be eager to shape your Island but the game will really challenge you. Leaving your mark takes hard work as you have to craft the tools you need to even get started. That being said once you can harvest materials you can go crazy making DIY furniture, fences and more. The amount of uniqueness you can bring to your Island is truly astounding. New horizons even allows you to place furniture outside and will rate you on your hard work. By collecting DIY recipes, buying furniture and new clothing you’ll really be able to have an Island worth sharing. Eventually you can even sculpt your land, well it’s cliffs, water and paths anyways. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization in this game.

The best part is that you can share all of this! Members of the same household can each have their own house and work together. You can go visit friends online and see all the cool things they have done as well as swap ideas, DIY recipes, fruit, flowers and goods. The more you share the more your own island will grow. You even get nook miles, which is sort of a second currency of the game, for visiting other Islands or having guests visit yours which intern will get you more stuff to make your Island even better.

  • Guest Writer : Kitty Kye
Animal Crossing New Horizons is truly an expressive game we can all share together. Especially with features like reactions that let you visually express emotions to friends and residents. The residents who have used these reactions in prior versions of the game also got a bit of a personality upgrade themselves. They can react to your reactions and now do more than just walk around your town. You can find them, running, resting or even singing and interacting with other residents of your Island.

All of these things come together to shape your Island into something you`ll be proud to share. Together we can enjoy in-game events, share designs, gush over what villagers we have and so much more. New horizons really encourages the players to come together as a community and I`ve always loved that about the game. So excuse me while I go off to invest countless hours into the game and be a part of the Animal crossing community. Hope to see you there!
  1. Great article, really puts a personal touch on it amidst all this stuff going on in the world.

    We’ll make it through! And we will have beautiful islands to show for it.

    1. Thanks!
      Hope you and those around you are safe 🙂

      Have you played Animal Crossing: New Horizon? thoughts?

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